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How to Minimise Odour from Poultry Farms
Keeping a tight lid on smell is one of the primary responsibilities of the poultry farm manager. Statutory authorities have a duty to deal with odour complaints from a variety of sources, including poultry farming. In particular, they are o...
Germany Steers Towards Further Reduction of Sow Stalls
The use of sow stalls is likely to be limited further in Germany. The federal government is currently preparing legislation to achieve this and in the swine-dense state Lower Saxony, rules may even get tighter. Sow stalls are currently bein...
Best Practices to Achieve the Best Protection
Vaccination plays an important part in disease control, together with factors such as biosecurity, cleaning and disinfecting, balanced nutrition and good management practices. There are many variables that contribute to successful vaccinatio...
Vaccines and biosecurity to replace antibiotics
Increased use of vaccines and better sanitation and biosecurity are the 2 most common changes US pig, cattle and poultry producers are making in response to the loss of shared use antibiotics....
Loose house farrowing systems – where do we start?
From an animal welfare standpoint, much focus has been placed on assessing how the sows environment during farrowing can negatively or positively impact welfare for the sow. This has been primarily focused on improving the ability for the s...
Piglets at risk below 1.13 kg birthweight
Piglets born at a weight below 1.13 kg have been found to have a substantially decreased chance of survival. This cut-off value has been calculated by research from Elanco and PigChamp Pro Europa , in Spain. The result was presented by Jan...
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