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Chicken Heater in Greece
Time: 2020/12/11 11:59:12 Author:admin Click: Second
The Greek poultry farmer Mr. Loukas is super excited when he received our poultry heater SUNFLOWER. This is his first time to import products from China.
He said as quote " I don’t believe it, the gas brooders are amazing and package of the gas brooders are perfect, it’s even better than European products”.

After installing and using for a few days, Mr. Loukas feedbacked to us that the gas brooders are excellent, the heat homogeneity is very good which cost less gas and the birds are gaining more weight every day than before. He also said that our gas brooders are very easy to install and use and the quality is excellent.

Here are some photos of DAMLY chicken heater in his poultry farm.


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