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DAMLY Poultry Heater in Australian Farm
Time: 2020/12/16 12:38:18 Author:admin Click: Second
DAMLY Poultry Heater in Australian Farm
The Australian farmer installed our chicken heater in their poultry farm once they received. 
DAMLY poultry heater DO-130 is a space heater used in the poultry farm, pig farm and greenhouse. The heater provides consistent, dependable heat that helps control poultry building temperature. The maximum heating power is 130Kw, the farmer can adjust the heating power from 42% to 100%.

The farmer said what he likes the best is that this chicken heater has a heating mode and ventilation mode. In the winter, he can use the heating mode for heating and in the summer, he can switch to the fan mode for ventilation.
He also mentioned that this chicken heater is very strong. One heater can cover around 800m2 and the heat homogeneity is super good creating nice environment for the chicks.

It's easy to operate.
With the electric thermostat, the DO-130 poultry gas heaters automatically switch on and off themselves depending on the temperature curve.