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SUNFLOWER Gas Brooder in Kenya Farm
Time: 2018/08/26 12:19:42 Author:admin Click: Second
SUNFLOWER Gas Brooder in Kenya Farm
The farm manager Mr. Brian is very satisfied with our SUNFLOWER gas brooder, he said when he opened the carton box, he was in love with the gas brooder, it’s made all in stainless steel, looks very pretty. Compared with their other brooders, DAMLY SUNFLOWER gas brooder is more efficient, much better quality and easy to use, it doesn’t use electricity, at first you start the gas brooder with a lighter and after you choose the temperature you want for the chicken on the thermostat. When the brooder reaches the temperature you choose on the thermostat, the SUNFLOWER+ comes at the minimum power, and when the temperature decreases, the SUNFLOWER+ goes at the maximum power if needed. He mentioned he will definitely purchase more in the near future.