Heat Collector

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Heat recovery efficiency up to 80%,Saving heating cost up to 60%

Progressive ventilation

Improves the atmosphere and reduces heating costs in livestock buildings

L*W*H: 1330*660*830(mm)

Multi-azimuth Display

Heat Collector DO-80

The heat collector uses the heat of the building to preheat the incoming air into the building which lowers the gas consumption of the farm. At the same time, it can reduce the ammonia and humidity of the building which creates a better atmosphere for the animals.

Description of Heat Collector DO-80

Progressive ventilation: direct connection to building control box or with the RDC control
Temperature and hygromtry management: homogeneous control of humidity in the livestock building
Reduction of the emissions: less ammonia, less odour, less dust
Gaz savings: reduces heating needs in livestock buildings
Easy cleaning and disinfection: filtration system, removable exchanger bloc for disinfection of incoming and exhaust air area


Continuous running with RDC control
Easy to install, connect and use
Reduces temperature variation and humidity level in livestock buildings
Easy cleaning and disinfection (filtration system, removable exchanger bloc)


Width 550 mm, height 725 mm
Reinforced and robust
High resistant polyethylene
No drainage in the building
Fan 2800 rpm
HRV regulation compatible with main control box on the market
Closing system (optional)

Operating Principle

Simple & Quick Installation

Easy to install

More flexible

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